“Simply put, we aren’t your average music lessons and instruction school…”

To keep our mission of making music a fun, enjoyable journey for anyone, we host a variety of programs, ensembles, and opportunities that help to connect our students to their community. here’s an overview of what we offer:



Private Lessons

Private lessons are one-on-one lessons on an instrument with an instructor. We offer online, in-studio, and in-home lessons! Head to Staff and Instructors to see our qualified, experienced staff who are available to serve your learning needs.

Private Lessons Currently Offered:

Piano Lessons
Voice Lessons
Ukulele Lessons
Guitar Lessons
Drum Lessons
Saxophone Lessons
Flute Lessons
Clarinet Lessons
Songwriting Consultations


Workshops are available for students who want to take their musicianship to the next level! Students will have the opportunity to perform and critique performances amongst their peers - students of similar skill levels and ages. Workshops are offered at every level (beginner, intermediate, advanced), and are offered once every semester.


Buddy Lessons

Buddy lessons are a new addition, where students have the opportunity to learn with a buddy (insert: friend, parent, or even stranger!) Buddy lessons are a great opportunity for students who are looking to get a feel for an instrument with a friend. Alternatively, the lesson session can be broken up into stations, split in between practice/theory/sightreading, and the lesson itself. Check the schedule to see when the next buddy lesson is being offered!


Recitals are for students who would like to showcase their hard work through the year. Students will perform musical selections that they have prepared throughout the course of the year. Recitals are offered once every year, and are open to the public. There is no cost of admission for recitals.

Instructor Shadowing

Our instructors not only teach, but are also active performers! When students are looking to gain perspective on the art of performing in a specific situations, they have the option to shadow their instructor at a performance, and ask questions after the engagement, or in the next lesson.

Field/Community Trips

The best learning experiences are in our own backyard! Students will have access to field trips or community performances that are in the area.