Our lesson tuition is based off of enrollment, not attendance. If you miss for any non-emergency reason, your lesson cannot be made up. Lessons cancelled due to illness or emergencies will be handled on a case-by-case basis, and must be made up within 30 days with any available instructor. To utilize a make-up credit, you can fill out our Make Up Lesson Request Form.

Parental Observation

Parents of students are welcome to observe all or part of the lesson. Parents are also welcome to ask any questions in regards to lesson material, in order to aid their child’s practice at home.


We love watching our students succeed. At any time, instructors may take photo or video to document students progress, for marketing, social media sharing, or other reasons. If you would like for us to not use your (or your child’s photo) for said purposes, feel free to fill out this form, and send to


It is very important to communicate if you will be tardy. If a student has not arrived within 10 minutes of their lesson, and communication has not been conveyed, the lesson will be marked as a no-show. No-show appointments will be subject to the cancellation policy listed. Otherwise, the student will be permitted to continue the lesson with the remaining time. No extra time will be given for tardiness.

Payment Policies and Consistent Scheduling Options

For all appointments, we utilize credit or debit cards for tuition payment.

We schedule your first lesson at an a-la-carte rate, which is known as an interview lesson. This give you the opportunity to meet your instructor, ask any questions about lessons that you may have, and to get started on learning your instrument.

If you are looking for a consistent time option, we have monthly subscription (package of 4) options, semester plan (16 lessons) option, and pre-payment options available for one or more appointments. Monthly tuition is always more expensive than semester tuition.